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Operation Visible: The Ultimate Master Plan to Expanding Your Influence, Getting more Customers, Increasing Profit from Existing Customers and Reducing Your Marketing Stress.

In Short, a Simple Plan to Growing your Business 5X in 2020.


90 % of all businesses do not have an online marketing plan. They stress out attempting random methods using a non-sequential order of marketing. SEO this, Google my Business that, More ads, New Website, New Brand, arghh it is enough to make one crazy.
What you need is a simple step by step plan where each step builds on the previous step. Thus  your advertising budget is not wasted.
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Dominate Your Local Market

“Eight Proven Online Strategies To Take You Business to the Next Level”


The Material in this Book if done correctly will have a serious impact on growing your business.

It does not have to be complicated to get your Brand Message online so that you can sell your Products and or Services and Grow your Business.

ISBN-13: 978-1977921666

ISBN-10: 1977921663

Table of Contents
Authors Comments
Hard to Get New Customers?
New Customer Getting Methods
Spreading the Word About Your Business!
Gaining Local Market Share
Preselling: Your Website
Converting Visitors to Buyers
Five Benefits of Great Website
Why Great Website Copy Is Essential
Getting Traffic to Your Business
Strategy #1: Search Engine Optimization (Yuck)
Strategy #2: Local Online Directories
Strategy #3: Google Business/Reviews
Strategy #4: Media Releases
Strategy #5: Your Tube
Strategy #6: Social Media
Strategy #7: Blogging
Strategy #8: Mobile Marketing
Pay Per Click
Direct Response Marketing
Email Marketing
Unexpected Lesson in Follow-Up
Bonus Strategy: Reputation Management
A Word on Branding
Special Report
The Tipping Point

For Business Owners Large or Small.

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